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The Science Behind CreGAAtine: Enhancing Cellular EnergyCellular Entry: A Multifaceted Approach

One of CreGAAtine's standout features lies in its ability to penetrate cells through multiple pathways. While traditional Creatine supplements rely on standard Creatine receptors, CreGAAtine takes it a step further. By utilising GABA and Taurine receptors, along with passive diffusion, it ensures efficient cellular entry. This multifaceted approach guarantees sustained energy production, making it an ideal choice for biohackers aiming for prolonged peak performance (Ostojic, 2017).

Overcoming Limitations: A Solution for Non-Responders

Continuous Creatine supplementation can lead to receptor saturation, limiting its effectiveness over time. CreGAAtine tackles this challenge. By utilising additional transport systems, it overcomes limited exogenous Creatine utilisation effectively (Ostojic, 2020).


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